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About Us

Welcome to SHAWSHANK CLOTHING. Thanks for your interest in our store! We are a small, style-savvy, Australian, online retail site that provides clothing and accessories designed to be on-trend with the latest global fashion. Our commitment to quality is paramount and we pride ourselves on using Australian made fabrics for our clothing.

Our aim is for you to look great whilst providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Since launching in 2005 (where did the time go?!) we have moved from traditional in-store retail to solely focusing on online. It’s great to have direct contact and the ability to give each of our customers a personalised experience. We are here to help!  

For more information please reach out and follow us on  Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise you can contact us via email at fashion@shawshank.com.au.

Thanks for your ongoing support.  

Shawshank Clothing

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